The Mole (2022) Season 2: Release date, Plot, Spoilers and Episodes Number

The Mole (2022) Season 2: Release date, Plot, Spoilers and Episodes Number

Last updated on Mon, 17 Oct 2022

The Mole (2022) Series season 2nd was always bound to happen. We should see it at October 20, 2023 almost same time as 1. Here's what we know so far about next season, including cast, spoilers, news, rumors and plot.

Countdown to season 2:

The Mole (2022) TV series is a adventure created by Netflix Originals. The TV Show aired at the Netflix media streaming platform on October 7, 2022. It has 10 episodes in first season. Host starring Alex Wagner in the TV series.

What is The Mole (2022) about?

A game show in which globe-trotting contestants solve puzzles and complete tasks in order to win a cash prize -- all while trying to figure out who among them is a player planted to sabotage the game.

The Mole (2022) Season 2 release date: When is it out?

The continuing of TV Series will once again be made up of 10 episodes, that will be released at Netflix on demand. Premiere episode will start in October 20, 2023. More detailed schedule provided inside table below.

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
2X01October 20th, 2023Episode 1
2X02October 20th, 2023Episode 2
2X03October 20th, 2023Episode 3
2X04October 20th, 2023Episode 4
2X05October 20th, 2023Episode 5
2X06October 27th, 2023Episode 6
2X07October 27th, 2023Episode 7
2X08October 27th, 2023Episode 8
2X09November 3rd, 2023Episode 9
2X10November 3rd, 2023Episode 10

The Mole (2022) Season 2 cast

Some additional members can also join the second season of the TV Show. Alex Wagner will be back as Host.

The Mole (2022) Season 2 trailer: When can I watch it?

At the time of writing, this teaser is very relevant to next part of mystery adventure. Netflix will share official teaser few weeks before the start date.