Polly Pocket Season 5: Premiere Date, Episodes Number, Schedule and Cast

Polly Pocket Season 5: Premiere Date, Episodes Number, Schedule and Cast

Last updated on Tue, 3 Oct 2023

Polly Pocket TV Show season 5th was always bound to happen. It will back on 2024-08-19 near similar time as 4th. All information about next part created by Sarah Wall in this article.

Countdown to season 5:

Polly Pocket TV Show is a children Sarah Wall. The television series released worldwide at the Netflix media streaming platform in 2018-08-04. There are twenty-six episodes in pilot season. Emily Tennant starred in the TV series as Polly Pocket.

Is the trailer of Polly Pocket Season 5th released?

At the time, this teaser is very precisely to new part of TV series. Netflix media services provider will release official video few weeks before the start date.

Who will star in Polly Pocket season 5?

The main actors must return, may as well as few additional faces. Emily Tennant will return as Polly Pocket and Kazumi Evans as Shani. Together with Ian Hanlin (Trench-Coat PI), Diana Kaarina (Bella's Mother), Patricia Drake as Mayor Bain, Ian Hanlin (Austin Summers), Briton T. Maxwell as Rahim, Alexandra Quispe as Jordan, Shannon Chan-Kent (Sun) and Nicole Anthony (Monroe).

Polly Pocket Season 5 release date and schedule

Next season will consist of twenty-six episodes, that will be aired online on Netflix. Pilot episode starts on 2024-08-19. More detailed schedule presented in this table:

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
5X01August 19th, 2024Episode 1
5X02August 19th, 2024Episode 2
5X03August 19th, 2024Episode 3
5X04August 19th, 2024Episode 4
5X05August 19th, 2024Episode 5
5X06August 19th, 2024Episode 6
5X07August 19th, 2024Episode 7
5X08August 19th, 2024Episode 8
5X09August 19th, 2024Episode 9
5X10August 19th, 2024Episode 10
5X11August 19th, 2024Episode 11
5X12August 19th, 2024Episode 12
5X13August 19th, 2024Episode 13
5X14December 19th, 2024Episode 14
5X15December 19th, 2024Episode 15
5X16December 19th, 2024Episode 16
5X17December 19th, 2024Episode 17
5X18December 19th, 2024Episode 18
5X19December 19th, 2024Episode 19
5X20December 19th, 2024Episode 20
5X21December 19th, 2024Episode 21
5X22December 19th, 2024Episode 22
5X23December 19th, 2024Episode 23
5X24December 19th, 2024Episode 24
5X25December 19th, 2024Episode 25
5X26December 19th, 2024Episode 26

About TV Show

Polly is often told she is too little to do the things she wants to do, but Polly proves what every kid knows, that being little isn't a limitation.