Narcos: Mexico Season 4: Premiere Date, Schedule, Rumors and Trailer

Narcos: Mexico Season 4: Premiere Date, Schedule, Rumors and Trailer

Last updated on Thu, 4 Apr 2024

Narcos: Mexico Series season 4th was always unavoidable. It will return at Friday, November 1, 2024 same time. Here’s what we know so far.

Countdown to season 4:

Narcos: Mexico television series is a crime produced by Katie O'Connell. The TV Show released at the Netflix media services provider in 16/11/2018. It has ten episodes in premiere season. Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo starring Diego Luna in the TV show.

Narcos: Mexico Season 4th release date and episodes list

The continuing of drama Series will once again be made up of ten episodes, that will be aired online on Netflix. Pilot episode starting in Friday, November 1, 2024. Detailed schedule presented in this table:

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
4X01November 1st, 2024Episode 1
4X02November 1st, 2024Episode 2
4X03November 1st, 2024Episode 3
4X04November 1st, 2024Episode 4
4X05November 1st, 2024Episode 5
4X06November 1st, 2024Episode 6
4X07November 1st, 2024Episode 7
4X08November 1st, 2024Episode 8
4X09November 1st, 2024Episode 9
4X10November 1st, 2024Episode 10

Narcos: Mexico Season 4th cast

The key actors will back. Diego Luna will return as Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo with Scoot McNairy (Walt Breslin). In addition, Alfonso Dosal as Benjamin Arellano "El Min" Félix, actor Ernesto Alterio will be playing Salvador Osuna Nava, Matt Biedel as Daryl, actor Andres Londono will be playing Enrique Clavel, star Gorka Lasaosa will be playing Hector Palma, actor Aaron Staton as Butch Sears, José María Yázpik as Amado Carrillo Fuentes and Lenny Jacobson as Roger Knapp.

About Narcos: Mexico

Narcos: Mexico exploring the origins of the modern drug war by going back to its roots, beginning at a time when the Mexican trafficking world was a loose and disorganized confederation of independent growers and dealers. Witness the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel in the 1980s as Félix Gallardo takes the helm, unifying traffickers in order to build an empire. When DEA agent Kiki Camarena moves his wife and young son from California to Guadalajara to take on a new post, he quickly learns that his assignment will be more challenging than he ever could have imagined. As Kiki garners intelligence on Félix and becomes more entangled in his mission, a tragic chain of events unfold, affecting the drug trade and the war against it for years to come.

Narcos: Mexico Season 4 trailer: is there a teaser yet?

At the time of writing, this video is most precisely to new part of TV Show.