In From the Cold Season 2: Premiere Date, Plot, Episodes Number and Schedule

In From the Cold Season 2: Premiere Date, Plot, Episodes Number and Schedule

Last updated on Sun, 23 Jun 2024

In From the Cold TV Show season second not a mystery today. We're expecting it to land at 2025-01-24 near the same time. Here's what we know so far about new season, including news, spoilers, cast, episodes number and rumors.

Countdown to season 2:

In From the Cold television series is a thriller produced and created by Adam Glass. First time series was premiered on Netflix network on 2022-01-28. There are 8 episodes in premiere season. Стася Милославская starred in the television series as Anya.

Is the trailer of In From the Cold Season 2nd available?

Watch live video describing upcoming season of TV Show filmed by Netflix.


During a European vacation with her daughter, an American single mom's life is turned upside down when the CIA forces her to confront her long-buried past as a Russian spy who was also the product of a highly classified KGB experiment granting her special abilities. After a mysterious string of manic and murderous incidents suggests someone with her exact abilities is targeting innocent people, Jenny is forced out of hiding to stop this villain or risk losing the family and new life she has built.

In From the Cold Season 2nd premiere date and schedule

Season 2 will once again be made up of eight episodes, that will be aired online on Netflix. Pilot episode starting on 2025-01-24. More detailed schedule provided in this table:

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
2X01January 24th, 2025Episode 1
2X02January 24th, 2025Episode 2
2X03January 24th, 2025Episode 3
2X04January 24th, 2025Episode 4
2X05January 24th, 2025Episode 5
2X06January 24th, 2025Episode 6
2X07January 24th, 2025Episode 7
2X08January 24th, 2025Episode 8

Cast and characters season 2

We wait the same actors to back in the second season might as well. Стася Милославская will return as Anya with Ivana Sakhno as Anya. As well as Charles Brice (Chris Clarke), Alyona Khmelnitskaya as Svetlana Petrova, Cillian O' Sullivan (Special Unit Agent Chauncey Lew), star Lydia Fleming will be playing Becca and Margarita Levieva as Jenny Franklin.