Netflix 13 Reasons Why Season 5: Premiere Date, Spoilers, Plot and News

Netflix 13 Reasons Why Season 5: Premiere Date, Spoilers, Plot and News

Last updated on Mon, 10 Jun 2024

The fifth season of TV Series 13 Reasons Why is coming, with fans sought to see Dylan Minnette’s Clay Jensen back in action. We should see it at May 30, 2025 just similar time as 4th. All information about next season created by Brian Yorkey in this article.

Countdown to season 5:

13 Reasons Why TV Show is a mystery produced by Steve Golin. First time series was premiered on Netflix network in March 31st, 2017. There are 13 episodes in premiere season. Dylan Minnette starred in the series as Clay Jensen.

The Plot

13 Reasons Why is based on the New York Times bestselling YA book by Jay Asher, was created by Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winner Brian Yorkey, who also wrote the pilot. 13 Reasons Why is the story of Hannah Baker, a high schooler who commits suicide. Clay receives a box of tapes from Hannah, his late classmate and crush after she kills herself. On the tapes, which get passed along to other students based on Hannah's instructions, Hannah reveals the 13 reasons why she took her own life.

13 Reasons Why Season 5th trailer: When can I watch it?

Watch live video trailer about upcoming season of thriller mystery drama. Netflix media services provider will share official video trailer few weeks before the premiere date.

13 Reasons Why Season 5th cast: Who's in it?

We wait similar actors to back in the 5 season may as well. Dylan Minnette will return as Clay Jensen alongside Ross Butler as Zach Dempsey. As well as Tyler Barnhardt (Charlie St. George), Mark Pellegrino as Officer Bill Standall, Kate Walsh as Olivia Baker, Justin Prentice (Bryce Walker), Jan Luis Castellanos (Diego Torres), actor Miles Heizer as Alex Standall, Brenda Strong as Nora Walker and Devin Druid as Tyler Down.

13 Reasons Why Season 5 release date: When is it out?

The continuing of thriller TV Show will consist of 10 episodes. They will be available online on Netflix immediately after release. Pilot episode will start on May 30, 2025. Greater detail episodes list provided below.

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
5X01May 30th, 2025Episode 1
5X02May 30th, 2025Episode 2
5X03May 30th, 2025Episode 3
5X04May 30th, 2025Episode 4
5X05May 30th, 2025Episode 5
5X06May 30th, 2025Episode 6
5X07May 30th, 2025Episode 7
5X08May 30th, 2025Episode 8
5X09May 30th, 2025Episode 9
5X10May 30th, 2025Episode 10