Trinkets Season 3: Release date, Plot, News and Schedule

Trinkets Season 3: Release date, Plot, News and Schedule

Last updated on Tue, 14 May 2024

Will season 3rd be Trinkets's final? We should see it on 2025-08-19 just similar time as previous. Here's all we know about the next season of the Kirsten Smith's crime.

Countdown to season 3:

Trinkets television series is a crime produced by Sarah Goldfinger. The TV Show aired at the Netflix media streaming platform on 14/06/2019. It has 10 episodes in pilot season. Brianna Hildebrand starred in the TV series as Elodie Davis.

When will Trinkets Season 3rd air?

Season 3 will consist of 10 episodes, that will be aired at Netflix on demand. Premiere episode starts on 2025-08-19. More detailed schedule presented below:

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
3X01August 19th, 2025Episode 1
3X02August 19th, 2025Episode 2
3X03August 19th, 2025Episode 3
3X04August 19th, 2025Episode 4
3X05August 19th, 2025Episode 5
3X06August 19th, 2025Episode 6
3X07August 19th, 2025Episode 7
3X08August 19th, 2025Episode 8
3X09August 19th, 2025Episode 9
3X10August 19th, 2025Episode 10

Trinkets Season 3 trailer and announcement

Watch live video trailer about new season of drama crime comedy created by Netflix.

About Trinkets

When three teenage girls from different corners of the high school cafeteria find themselves in the same mandated Shoplifter's Anonymous meeting, an unlikely friendship forms. Elodie — the grieving misfit, Moe — the mysterious outsider, and Tabitha — the imperfect picture of perfection, will find strength in each other as they negotiate family issues, high school drama and the complicated dilemma of trying to fit in while longing to break out.

Trinkets Season 3 cast: Who is returning?

The main actors most likely return. Brianna Hildebrand will be back as Elodie Davis with Kiana Madeira as Moe Truax. Along with Odiseas Georgiadis as Noah Simos, Larry Sullivan (Doug Davis), Brandon Butler as Brady Finch, Linden Ashby (Whit Foster), Dana Green as Jenna Block, actor October Moore will be playing Vicky Truax and Quintessa Swindell as Tabitha Foster.