The Prince of Tennis Season 2: Premiere Date, Episodes Number, Rumors and Spoilers

The Prince of Tennis Season 2: Premiere Date, Episodes Number, Rumors and Spoilers

Last updated on Tue, 14 May 2024

The Prince of Tennis TV Show season 2 not a mystery anymore. It will return at February 15th, 2025 just similar time as first. Here's all we know about the next season of the drama.

Countdown to season 2:

The Prince of Tennis TV series is a drama created by Hunan TV Originals. The TV Show aired on Hunan TV on 2019-07-22. There are forty episodes in pilot season. Lu Xia starring Peng Yu Chang in the television series.

The Prince of Tennis Season 2 premiere date

Season 2 will once again be made up of 40 episodes, that will be aired at Hunan TV on demand. Pilot episode starts on February 15th, 2025. Greater detail schedule provided in this table.

Episode NumberHunan TV Release DateEpisode Name
2X01February 15th, 2025Episode 1
2X02February 15th, 2025Episode 2
2X03February 16th, 2025Episode 3
2X04February 16th, 2025Episode 4
2X05February 17th, 2025Episode 5
2X06February 17th, 2025Episode 6
2X07February 22nd, 2025Episode 7
2X08February 22nd, 2025Episode 8
2X09February 23rd, 2025Episode 9
2X10February 23rd, 2025Episode 10
2X11February 24th, 2025Episode 11
2X12February 24th, 2025Episode 12
2X13March 1st, 2025Episode 13
2X14March 1st, 2025Episode 14
2X15March 2nd, 2025Episode 15
2X16March 2nd, 2025Episode 16
2X17March 3rd, 2025Episode 17
2X18March 3rd, 2025Episode 18
2X19March 8th, 2025Episode 19
2X20March 8th, 2025Episode 20
2X21March 9th, 2025Episode 21
2X22March 9th, 2025Episode 22
2X23March 10th, 2025Episode 23
2X24March 10th, 2025Episode 24
2X25March 15th, 2025Episode 25
2X26March 15th, 2025Episode 26
2X27March 16th, 2025Episode 27
2X28March 16th, 2025Episode 28
2X29March 17th, 2025Episode 29
2X30March 17th, 2025Episode 30
2X31March 22nd, 2025Episode 31
2X32March 22nd, 2025Episode 32
2X33March 23rd, 2025Episode 33
2X34March 23rd, 2025Episode 34
2X35March 24th, 2025Episode 35
2X36March 24th, 2025Episode 36
2X37March 29th, 2025Episode 37
2X38March 29th, 2025Episode 38
2X39March 30th, 2025Episode 39
2X40March 30th, 2025Episode 40

The Prince of Tennis Season 2 trailer

Watch live video describing next part of series. Hunan TV media services provider will upload official video trailer one month before the release date.

Who will be seen in the updated season 2nd?

The main actors will return, may as well as few additional actors. Peng Yu Chang will return as Lu Xia and Zhang Yi Jie as Zhuo Zhi. Along with Zhu Zhi Ling as Chi Da Yong, Xie Bin Bin as Mu Si Yang, actor Wu Xu Dong as Zhang Bai Yang, Dong Li as Qiao Chen, actor Fan Lin Feng as He Xing Long, star Xu Ke as Tang Jia Le and Li He as Yan Zhi Ming.


Lu Xia is a tennis prodigy who lived in US since he was a child with his parents. He has inherited his father's outstanding strength and tennis talent. However, trapped under the shadow of his father, Lu Xia only sees tennis as a tool to win over him, losing the passion and happiness in playing tennis altogether. Upon returning to China, he joins in a high school tennis team and met various tennis masters. Here, he begins to realize the meaning of tennis and figure out his own identity as a player. In the process of working to win the national league, Lu Xia and his teammates learn to work as a group and understands the importance of friends.