The Playlist Season 2: Premiere Date, News, Plot and Trailer

The Playlist Season 2: Premiere Date, News, Plot and Trailer

Last updated on Mon, 24 Oct 2022

Will season second be The Playlist's last? It would air on October 12, 2023 near the same time as 1. Here's all we know about the new season of the music.

Countdown to season 2:

The Playlist TV Show is a drama created by Netflix Originals. The television series aired at the Netflix media services provider on October 13, 2022. It has 6 episodes in pilot season. Edvin Endre starred in the TV series as Daniel Ek.

The Playlist Season 2nd premiere date and schedule

New season will once again be made up of six episodes. They will be accessible on Netflix on demand immediately after release. Pilot episode starting on October 12, 2023. More detailed episodes list presented in this table.

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
2X01October 12th, 2023Episode 1
2X02October 12th, 2023Episode 2
2X03October 12th, 2023Episode 3
2X04October 12th, 2023Episode 4
2X05October 12th, 2023Episode 5
2X06October 12th, 2023Episode 6

The Playlist Season 2nd trailer: When can I watch it?

Watch online teaser about upcoming season of The Playlist created by Netflix. Official video will be released near the start date.

The Plot

In this fictionalized account, a Swedish tech entrepreneur and his partners set out to revolutionize the music industry with a legal streaming platform. Led by Daniel Ek, a group of passionate young entrepreneurs come together in what seems to be the impossible task to change the music industry - and the world. They set out to create a legal streaming service for music. A behind-the-scenes look at how entrepreneur Daniel Ek and financial partner Martin Lorentzon founded Spotify and revolutionized the music industry.

The Playlist Season 2 Expected Cast

Some unexpected characters may also join the 2nd season as well. Edvin Endre will be back as Daniel Ek and Christian Hillborg as Martin Lorentzon. Together with Sofia Karemyr (Stefanie Dahlgren), Samuel Fröler (Henrik Ponten), actor Erik Norén will be playing Niklas Ivarsson, Patrick Baladi as Jim Anderson, Lisette Pagler (Karen Sundin), actor Valter Skarsgård as Peter Sunde, Paul Albertson (Stanley Barret) and Malin Barr as Aven.