The Nurse Season 2: Release date, Plot, News and Episodes Number

The Nurse Season 2: Release date, Plot, News and Episodes Number

Last updated on Sun, 16 Apr 2023

Will season 2 be The Nurse's last? We should see it at 2024-04-25 just similar time. Here’s what we know so far.

Countdown to season 2:

The Nurse TV Show is a thriller Meta Louise Foldager Sørensen. First time TV Show was released at the Netflix media services provider in 27/04/2023. It has four episodes in pilot season. Christina Aistrup starring Josephine Park in the TV series.

The Plot

In The Nurse we are taken behind the walls of a hospital in the outskirts of Denmark, where everyone knows each other and where there's little change in personnel. We follow Pernille Kurzmann in her first days in her new job as a nurse. She soon befriends the very charming and charismatic nurse Christina Aistrup Hansen who at first seems to be one of a kind, loved by everyone, incredible at her job and always first on the spot in an emergency. However, as the days go by and Pernille gets to know her way around she slowly starts seeing that there might be more to Christina than what first meets the eye. She decides that she cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening in front of her and she journeys out to uncover the truth.

Netflix The Nurse Season 2 cast: Who is returning?

Some additional members may also appear in the 2 season of the series. Josephine Park will return as Christina Aistrup and Fanny Bernth as Pernille Kurzmann. As well as Dick Kaysø (Kenny Herskov) and Amalie Lindegård as Katja Lorentzen.

The Nurse Season 2nd release date and schedule

Season 2nd will once again be made up of 4 episodes. They will be available on Netflix on demand immediately after release. First episode starting on 2024-04-25. Greater detail schedule presented in this table.

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
2X01April 25th, 2024Episode 1
2X02April 25th, 2024Episode 2
2X03April 25th, 2024Episode 3
2X04April 25th, 2024Episode 4

The Nurse Season 2 trailer

Now, presented below video trailer is most relevant to next season of series.