Johnny Test Season 7: Release date, Spoilers, Schedule and News

Johnny Test Season 7: Release date, Spoilers, Schedule and News

Last updated on Tue, 20 Sep 2022

Johnny Test season seventh not a secret anymore. We should see it at Sunday, January 21, 2024 just similar time. All information about upcoming season in this article.

Countdown to season 7:

Johnny Test television series is a science-fiction created by Netflix Originals. First time television series was aired on Netflix media services provider in September 17, 2005. It has zero episodes in premiere season. Ashleigh Ball starred in the television series as Mary Test.

Johnny Test Season 7 release date and episodes list

New season will consist of 52 episodes. They will be available online on Netflix immediately after release. First episode starting on Sunday, January 21, 2024. Greater detail episodes list presented below:

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
7X01January 21st, 2024Episode 1
7X02January 21st, 2024Episode 2
7X03February 18th, 2024Episode 3
7X04February 4th, 2024Episode 4
7X05February 18th, 2024Episode 5
7X06February 18th, 2024Episode 6
7X07March 3rd, 2024Episode 7
7X08March 3rd, 2024Episode 8
7X09March 17th, 2024Episode 9
7X10March 17th, 2024Episode 10
7X11March 31st, 2024Episode 11
7X12March 31st, 2024Episode 12
7X13April 14th, 2024Episode 13
7X14April 14th, 2024Episode 14
7X15April 28th, 2024Episode 15
7X16April 28th, 2024Episode 16
7X17May 26th, 2024Episode 17
7X18May 26th, 2024Episode 18
7X19June 2nd, 2024Episode 19
7X20June 2nd, 2024Episode 20
7X21June 16th, 2024Episode 21
7X22June 16th, 2024Episode 22
7X23July 1st, 2024Episode 23
7X24July 1st, 2024Episode 24
7X25July 15th, 2024Episode 25
7X26July 15th, 2024Episode 26
7X27July 29th, 2024Episode 27
7X28July 29th, 2024Episode 28
7X29August 12th, 2024Episode 29
7X30August 12th, 2024Episode 30
7X31September 2nd, 2024Episode 31
7X32September 2nd, 2024Episode 32
7X33October 14th, 2024Episode 33
7X34October 14th, 2024Episode 34
7X35November 4th, 2024Episode 35
7X36November 4th, 2024Episode 36
7X37November 17th, 2024Episode 37
7X38November 17th, 2024Episode 38
7X39November 24th, 2024Episode 39
7X40November 24th, 2024Episode 40
7X41December 8th, 2024Episode 41
7X42December 8th, 2024Episode 42
7X43January 20th, 2025Episode 43
7X44January 20th, 2025Episode 44
7X45February 3rd, 2025Episode 45
7X46February 3rd, 2025Episode 46
7X47February 17th, 2025Episode 47
7X48February 17th, 2025Episode 48
7X49March 3rd, 2025Episode 49
7X50March 3rd, 2025Episode 50
7X51March 17th, 2025Episode 51
7X52March 17th, 2025Episode 52

About Johnny Test

Imagine having two twin brainiac sisters who are 13 years old and can bring up out-of-this-world experiments. Well lucky for Johnny Test and his super talking dog, Dukey. They can. Super-powers, gadgets that can rewind a person or turning things into gold... for Johnny the possibilities are endless. But whenever there is trouble, Johnny has to go back home before 5 P.M. for meatloaf.

Johnny Test Season 7th cast: Who's in it?

We expect the same actors to return in the seventh season might as well. Ashleigh Ball will be back as Mary Test alongside Brittney Wilson as Mary Test. In addition, Louis Chirillo (Dukey), James Arnold Taylor (Johnny Test), star Maryke Hendrikse as Susan Test, star Lee Tockar will be playing Bling Bling Boy and Trevor Devall as Dukey.

Johnny Test Season 7th trailer: is there a teaser yet?

At this moment, presented below video trailer is most accurate to new season of series. Official video will come out few weeks before the start date.