GLOW Season 4: Release date, Plot, Rumors and Schedule

GLOW Season 4: Release date, Plot, Rumors and Schedule

Last updated on Sun, 11 Feb 2024

The 4th season of GLOW is coming, with fans eager to see Alison Brie’s Ruth Wilder back in action. It will back at Friday, August 1, 2025 almost same time. Here’s what we know so far.

Countdown to season 4:

GLOW TV series is a drama produced by Jesse Peretz. First time TV series was released on Netflix network in 23/06/2017. There are 10 episodes in first season. Alison Brie starred in the television series as Ruth Wilder.

Who will be seen in the updated season 4?

Some new characters probably join the fourth season as well. Alison Brie will be back as Ruth Wilder alongside Betty Gilpin as Debbie Eagan. As well as Chris Lowell as Sebastian "Bash" Howard, star Britney Young as Carmen Wade, Britt Baron as Justine Biagi, actor Jackie Tohn as Melanie "Melrose" Rosen, star Kia Stevens as Tammé Dawson, Gayle Rankin (Sheila the She-Wolf), Kate Nash as Rhonda Richardson and Marc Maron (Sam Sylvia).

About GLOW

Inspired by the real story of the 1980's female wrestling league, the series -- set in Los Angeles and showcasing big hair and body slams -- is a fictionalized story of an out of work actress who finds one last attempt to live her dreams in the form of a weekly series about female wrestlers.

GLOW Season 4th trailer

At the time, presented below video is most relevant to upcoming part of TV Show. Official video trailer will be uploaded near the start date.

GLOW Season 4 release date: when will the new episodes arrive?

The continuing of TV Series will consist of ten episodes. They will be available online on Netflix immediately after release. First episode starting on Friday, August 1, 2025. Greater detail schedule presented inside table below.

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
4X01August 1st, 2025Episode 1
4X02August 1st, 2025Episode 2
4X03August 1st, 2025Episode 3
4X04August 1st, 2025Episode 4
4X05August 1st, 2025Episode 5
4X06August 1st, 2025Episode 6
4X07August 1st, 2025Episode 7
4X08August 1st, 2025Episode 8
4X09August 1st, 2025Episode 9
4X10August 1st, 2025Episode 10