Dee & Friends in Oz Season 2: What We Know So Far

Dee & Friends in Oz Season 2: What We Know So Far

Last updated on Tue, 13 Feb 2024

Dee & Friends in Oz TV Show season 2 was always inevitable. It would air on 2025-02-03 almost same time as 1st. Here's what we know so far about next season, including schedule, news, episodes number, plot and trailer.

Countdown to season 2:

Dee & Friends in Oz TV series is a adventure created by Angela Santomero. First time series was released worldwide at the Netflix network in 2024-02-05. There are one episodes in premiere season. Dee starring Layla Capers in the television series.

Netflix Dee & Friends in Oz Season 2 trailer

At this moment, presented below teaser is very accurate to next season of TV Show. Netflix media services provider will share official video near the release date.

Dee & Friends in Oz Season 2nd release date: When is it out?

New season will consist of sixteen episodes, that will be released at Netflix on demand. First episode will start in 2025-02-03. More detailed schedule presented inside table below:

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
2X01February 3rd, 2025Episode 1
2X02February 3rd, 2025Episode 2
2X03February 3rd, 2025Episode 3
2X04February 3rd, 2025Episode 4
2X05February 3rd, 2025Episode 5
2X06February 3rd, 2025Episode 6
2X07February 3rd, 2025Episode 7
2X08February 3rd, 2025Episode 8
2X09February 3rd, 2025Episode 9
2X10February 3rd, 2025Episode 10
2X11February 3rd, 2025Episode 11
2X12February 3rd, 2025Episode 12
2X13February 3rd, 2025Episode 13
2X14February 3rd, 2025Episode 14
2X15February 3rd, 2025Episode 15
2X16February 3rd, 2025Episode 16

About TV Series

Dee & Friends in Oz is a fantasy adventure musical for preschoolers. A young girl named Dee discovers a wonderful magical land of Oz, where she meets new friends and is challenged to save the day, and save Oz!

Dee & Friends in Oz Season 2 cast: Who is returning?

The key cast most likely back, as well as few new faces. Layla Capers will be back as Dee with LaChanze Sapp-Gooding as Miss Emerald. In addition, Jason Gleed as Background Vocalist, actor Matt Densky will be playing Rozzo, Isabella Velasquez as Emilia, star Kaitlin Becker will be playing Tinperson, Lena Josephine Marano (Little Ozling 2), star Damian Thompson as The Singling, Tarriona Ball as Strawperson and Tarriona Ball as Miss Ruby.