Atelier Season 2: Release date, Plot, News and Episodes Number

Atelier Season 2: Release date, Plot, News and Episodes Number

Last updated on Thu, 15 Feb 2024

Will season 2 be Atelier's last? We're expecting it to land at August 21, 2024 almost same time as first. Here's all we know about the upcoming season of the Daisuke Sekiguchi's drama.

Countdown to season 2:

Atelier television series is a drama Daisuke Sekiguchi. First time television series was premiered at the Netflix media services provider in Wednesday, September 2, 2015. It has 13 episodes in first season. Kiritani Mirei starred in the series as Tokita Mayuko.

Atelier Season 2 release date and schedule

New season will once again be made up of thirteen episodes. They will be accessible on Netflix on demand right after release. Pilot episode will start in August 21, 2024. Detailed episodes list presented inside table below:

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
2X01August 21st, 2024Episode 1
2X02August 21st, 2024Episode 2
2X03August 21st, 2024Episode 3
2X04August 21st, 2024Episode 4
2X05August 21st, 2024Episode 5
2X06August 21st, 2024Episode 6
2X07August 21st, 2024Episode 7
2X08August 21st, 2024Episode 8
2X09August 21st, 2024Episode 9
2X10August 21st, 2024Episode 10
2X11August 21st, 2024Episode 11
2X12August 21st, 2024Episode 12
2X13August 21st, 2024Episode 13

Who will be seen in the updated season 2nd?

Some unexpected characters also possible appear in the 2 season of the TV Series. Kiritani Mirei will return as Tokita Mayuko.

Atelier Season 2nd trailer: is there a teaser yet?

Watch live video trailer which describes how will look next season of series.

About TV Series

A young 'fabric geek' lands a job at an upscale Japanese lingerie company -- and quickly discovers she'll need help to survive. It is the story of a woman experiencing confusion, struggle and growth in a world with a new set of values different from any she has ever known.