The Netflix Afterparty Season 2: Premiere Date, Schedule, Cast and Trailer

The Netflix Afterparty Season 2: Premiere Date, Schedule, Cast and Trailer

Last updated on Mon, 15 May 2023

The Netflix Afterparty season second not a mystery now. It will back at 2023-07-07 same time as 1. Here's all we know about the upcoming part of the David Spade's comedy.

Countdown to season 2:

The Netflix Afterparty TV series is a comedy David Spade. The TV series premiered on Netflix network in January 2nd, 2021. It has eighteen episodes in premiere season. David Spade starred in the television series as Host.

Netflix The Netflix Afterparty Season 2 cast

The main characters probably back, might as well as few new faces. David Spade will be back as Host and Fortune Feimster (Host). As well as London Hughes (Host).

The Netflix Afterparty Season 2 release date and schedule

Season 2nd will consist of eighteen episodes. They will be available on Netflix on demand just after release. Premiere episode starting in 2023-07-07. More detailed schedule presented in this table.

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
2X01July 7th, 2023Episode 1
2X02July 28th, 2023Episode 2
2X03August 4th, 2023Episode 3
2X04August 18th, 2023Episode 4
2X05August 25th, 2023Episode 5
2X06September 1st, 2023Episode 6
2X07October 19th, 2023Episode 7
2X08October 27th, 2023Episode 8
2X09November 9th, 2023Episode 9
2X10November 16th, 2023Episode 10
2X11November 23rd, 2023Episode 11
2X12November 30th, 2023Episode 12
2X13December 7th, 2023Episode 13
2X14December 14th, 2023Episode 14
2X15December 21st, 2023Episode 15
2X16December 28th, 2023Episode 16
2X17January 4th, 2024Episode 17
2X18January 11th, 2024Episode 18


Hosts David Spade, Fortune Feimster and London Hughes welcome guests from the newest and biggest Netflix titles for fun conversations, skits and more.

The Netflix Afterparty Season 2 trailer: is there a teaser yet?

Now, this video trailer is very precisely to new part of TV Show. Official video will come out few weeks before the release date.