Scaredy Cats Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Episodes Number and Rumors

Scaredy Cats Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Episodes Number and Rumors

Last updated on Sun, 5 May 2024

Scaredy Cats TV Show season 2nd not a mystery anymore. We're expecting it to land at September 27th, 2024 near the same time as first. Here’s what we know so far.

Countdown to season 2:

Scaredy Cats television series is a fantasy created by Netflix Originals. The TV Show released worldwide at the Netflix in 2021-10-01. There are 9 episodes in premiere season. Willa Ward starring Sophia Reid-Gantzert in the TV series.

Scaredy Cats Season 2nd Expected Cast

We wait the same characters to back in the second season might as well. Sophia Reid-Gantzert will return as Willa Ward with Daphne Hoskins (Lucy). As well as Azriel Dalman as Sawyer, actor Rosemary Dunsmore as Winnifred, Zahf Paroo (Principal McKay), actor Carolyn Taylor as Wanda, April Telek as Sneak, Zibby Allen as Ms. Juniper, star Rhys Slack as Wyatt and Lauren McGibbon as Wilma.

Scaredy Cats Season 2 trailer: is there a teaser yet?

Now, this video trailer is very precisely to upcoming part of series.

About Scaredy Cats

A beautiful surprise leads to a paws-itively peculiar adventure for Willa, Lucy, and Scout. Can they handle the mischief - and outwit a talking rat?

When will Scaredy Cats Season 2 return?

Season 2 will consist of nine episodes. They will be available online on Netflix right after release. First episode will start on September 27th, 2024. More detailed episodes list provided below.

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
2X01September 27th, 2024Episode 1
2X02September 27th, 2024Episode 2
2X03September 27th, 2024Episode 3
2X04September 27th, 2024Episode 4
2X05September 27th, 2024Episode 5
2X06September 27th, 2024Episode 6
2X07September 27th, 2024Episode 7
2X08September 27th, 2024Episode 8
2X09September 27th, 2024Episode 9