Preso No. 1 Season 2: Premiere Date, Trailer, Cast and Rumors

Preso No. 1 Season 2: Premiere Date, Trailer, Cast and Rumors

Last updated on Tue, 16 Mar 2021

Will season 2nd be Preso No. 1's last? It will back on April 20th, 2022 near the same time as previous. Here's all we know about the new season of the action.

Countdown to season 2:

Preso No. 1 series is a action created by Netflix Originals. First time TV series was premiered at the Netflix media streaming platform in July 30, 2019. There are sixty-four episodes in first season. Erik Hayser starred in the TV series as Carmelo Alvarado.

Preso No. 1 Season 2nd premiere date and episodes list

Season 2nd will consist of sixty-four episodes, that will be released at Netflix on demand. Pilot episode will start in April 20th, 2022. More detailed episodes list presented below:

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
2X01August 30th, 2022Episode 1
2X02April 20th, 2022Episode 2
2X03April 21st, 2022Episode 3
2X04April 22nd, 2022Episode 4
2X05April 25th, 2022Episode 5
2X06April 26th, 2022Episode 6
2X07April 27th, 2022Episode 7
2X08April 28th, 2022Episode 8
2X09April 29th, 2022Episode 9
2X10May 2nd, 2022Episode 10
2X11May 3rd, 2022Episode 11
2X12May 4th, 2022Episode 12
2X13May 5th, 2022Episode 13
2X14May 6th, 2022Episode 14
2X15May 9th, 2022Episode 15
2X16May 10th, 2022Episode 16
2X17May 11th, 2022Episode 17
2X18May 12th, 2022Episode 18
2X19May 13th, 2022Episode 19
2X20May 16th, 2022Episode 20
2X21May 17th, 2022Episode 21
2X22May 18th, 2022Episode 22
2X23May 19th, 2022Episode 23
2X24May 20th, 2022Episode 24
2X25May 23rd, 2022Episode 25
2X26May 24th, 2022Episode 26
2X27May 25th, 2022Episode 27
2X28May 26th, 2022Episode 28
2X29May 27th, 2022Episode 29
2X30May 30th, 2022Episode 30
2X31May 31st, 2022Episode 31
2X32June 1st, 2022Episode 32
2X33June 2nd, 2022Episode 33
2X34June 3rd, 2022Episode 34
2X35June 6th, 2022Episode 35
2X36June 7th, 2022Episode 36
2X37June 8th, 2022Episode 37
2X38June 9th, 2022Episode 38
2X39June 10th, 2022Episode 39
2X40June 13th, 2022Episode 40
2X41June 14th, 2022Episode 41
2X42June 15th, 2022Episode 42
2X43June 16th, 2022Episode 43
2X44June 17th, 2022Episode 44
2X45August 30th, 2022Episode 45
2X46August 30th, 2022Episode 46
2X47August 30th, 2022Episode 47
2X48August 30th, 2022Episode 48
2X49August 30th, 2022Episode 49
2X50August 30th, 2022Episode 50
2X51August 30th, 2022Episode 51
2X52August 30th, 2022Episode 52
2X53August 30th, 2022Episode 53
2X54August 30th, 2022Episode 54
2X55August 30th, 2022Episode 55
2X56August 30th, 2022Episode 56
2X57August 30th, 2022Episode 57
2X58August 30th, 2022Episode 58
2X59August 30th, 2022Episode 59
2X60August 30th, 2022Episode 60
2X61August 30th, 2022Episode 61
2X62August 30th, 2022Episode 62
2X63August 30th, 2022Episode 63
2X64August 30th, 2022Episode 64

What is Preso No. 1 about?

When Mexico's president lands in jail following a false accusation, the controversy spurs an arduous fight for freedom and justice in a corrupt country.

Preso No. 1 Season 2 trailer: When can I watch it?

At this moment, this video is most relevant to next part of action. Official teaser will be uploaded few weeks before the release date.

Preso No. 1 Season 2 cast: Who's in it?

The main characters must back, might as well as few new faces. Erik Hayser will return as Carmelo Alvarado alongside Alejandra Ambrosi (Carolina Arteaga). As well as Alejandro de la Madrid as Bautista Fernández, Mariana Seoane as Pía Bolaños, star Angélica Celaya will be playing Miranda Collins, actor Fabiola Guajardo will be playing Carolina Arteaga Joven, actor Luis Felipe Tovar as Hugo Piña, Arturo Peniche (Pedro Islas Cardán), Damián Alcázar (Salvador Fraga) and Roberto Sosa as Ramsés Cota 'El Faraón'.