I Hate Christmas Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast, Schedule and Trailer

I Hate Christmas Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast, Schedule and Trailer

Last updated on Thu, 8 Feb 2024

I Hate Christmas TV Show season 3rd was always unavoidable. It would air at Thursday, December 5, 2024 near similar time as previous. All information about next season below.

Countdown to season 3:

I Hate Christmas television series is a romance created by Netflix Originals. The television series released worldwide at the Netflix media streaming platform in Wednesday, December 7, 2022. It has six episodes in first season. Pilar Fogliati starred in the series as Gianna.

Is the trailer of I Hate Christmas Season 3rd available?

At the time of writing, this video is most accurate to new season of TV Show.

I Hate Christmas Season 3rd premiere date and schedule

Season 3rd will once again be made up of 6 episodes, that will be aired at Netflix on demand. Pilot episode will start on Thursday, December 5, 2024. More detailed episodes list presented inside table below.

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
3X01December 5th, 2024Episode 1
3X02December 5th, 2024Episode 2
3X03December 5th, 2024Episode 3
3X04December 5th, 2024Episode 4
3X05December 5th, 2024Episode 5
3X06December 5th, 2024Episode 6

Who’s going to be in the cast for I Hate Christmas season 3?

We wait exactly similar actors to return in the 3 season might as well. Pilar Fogliati will be back as Gianna alongside Beatrice Arnera as Titti. Along with Matteo Martari (Alessandro), Chiara Bono as Monica, Fiorenza Pieri (Margherita), Nicolas Maupas as Davide, Sabrina Paravicini (Marta), Massimo Rigo (Pietro), star Simonetta Solder as Caposala and Glen Blackhall as Umberto.

What is I Hate Christmas about?

A nurse who is happily single the rest of the year is sick of being shamed for being alone at the holidays, so vows on December 1 to find someone to take home for Christmas.