Netflix Into the Night Season 3: Premiere Date, Rumors, News and Episodes Number

Netflix Into the Night Season 3: Premiere Date, Rumors, News and Episodes Number

Last updated on Wed, 12 Jun 2024

Into the Night season 3 was always bound to happen. It will back at September 3rd, 2025 same time as 2nd. Here’s what we know so far.

Countdown to season 3:

Into the Night TV series is a science-fiction produced and created by Jason George. The television series aired at the Netflix media streaming platform in May 1, 2020. There are six episodes in pilot season. Pauline Étienne starred in the television series as Sylvie Bridgette Dubois.

Into the Night Season 3 premiere date

The continuing of science-fiction Series will consist of six episodes, that will be aired online on Netflix. Premiere episode starting on September 3rd, 2025. Detailed schedule presented below:

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
3X01September 3rd, 2025Episode 1
3X02September 3rd, 2025Episode 2
3X03September 3rd, 2025Episode 3
3X04September 3rd, 2025Episode 4
3X05September 3rd, 2025Episode 5
3X06September 3rd, 2025Episode 6


Into the Night begins with a sudden solar event, as the sun inexplicably starts killing everything in its path. The show centers around the 'lucky' passengers and crew of an overnight flight out of Brussels, as they attempt to fly west - into the safety of the dark night. The plane's manifest is multinational and multilingual, with passengers, rich and poor, young and old, civilian and military. The seemingly ordinary travelers share but one thing: A desire to survive the sun - and each other - by any means necessary.

Into the Night Season 3 trailer and announcement

At the time of writing, this video is most relevant to new season of Into the Night. Official video trailer will come out one month before the start date.

Into the Night Season 3 cast: Who's in it?

Some unexpected characters may also join the next season as well. Pauline Étienne will return as Sylvie Bridgette Dubois with Laurent Capelluto as Mathieu Daniel Douek. In addition, Ksawery Szlenkier as Jakub Kieslowski, Stefano Cassetti (Terenzio Matteo Gallo), Astrid Whettnall as Gabrielle Renoir, actor Babetida Sadjo will be playing Laura Djalo, Nicolas Alechine as Dominik Oblonskaya, Jan Bijvoet as Richard "Rik" Mertens, Vincent Londez (Horst Baudin) and Mehmet Kurtuluş as Ayaz Kobanbay.