Human Resources Season 2: Premiere Date, Episodes Number, Cast and Rumors

Human Resources Season 2: Premiere Date, Episodes Number, Cast and Rumors

Last updated on Tue, 31 Jan 2023

The second season of TV Series Human Resources is coming, with fans aims to see Nick Kroll’s Maury the Hormone Monster back in action. It will back at March 17th, 2023 just similar time. Here’s what we know so far.

Countdown to season 2:

Human Resources television series is a fantasy produced and created by Nick Kroll. The TV Show will be premiered on Netflix in the months ahead. How much episodes will be in premiere season kept confidential so far. Maury starring Nick Kroll in the television series.

Human Resources Season 2nd trailer: is there a teaser yet?

At this moment, presented below teaser is most relevant to upcoming part of TV series. Netflix media services provider will upload official video near the start date.

Human Resources Season 2 premiere date

New season will once again be made up of ten episodes, that will be released at Netflix on demand. Premiere episode will start on March 17th, 2023. Greater detail episodes list presented in this table:

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
2X01March 17th, 2023Episode 1
2X02March 17th, 2023Episode 2
2X03March 17th, 2023Episode 3
2X04March 17th, 2023Episode 4
2X05March 17th, 2023Episode 5
2X06March 17th, 2023Episode 6
2X07March 17th, 2023Episode 7
2X08March 17th, 2023Episode 8
2X09March 17th, 2023Episode 9
2X10March 17th, 2023Episode 10

The Plot

Human Resources is a workplace comedy set in the world of the monsters from Big Mouth.

Human Resources Season 2 cast

The main characters most likely back, as well as few additional faces. Nick Kroll will return as Maury the Hormone Monster with Maya Rudolph as Connie the Hormone Monstress. In addition, David Thewlis as The Shame Wizard.