House of Ninjas Season 2: What We Know So Far

House of Ninjas Season 2: What We Know So Far

Last updated on Thu, 14 Mar 2024

The 2nd season of House of Ninjas is coming, with fans sought to see Kento Kaku’s Haru Tawara back in action. It would air at February 13, 2025 same time. Here's what we know so far about next season, including cast, rumors, trailer, spoilers and plot.

Countdown to season 2:

House of Ninjas TV Show is a action created by Netflix Originals. First time TV Show was released worldwide on Netflix network on 2024-02-15. There are eight episodes in first season. Kento Kaku starred in the series as Haru Tawara.

House of Ninjas Season 2nd cast: Who's in it?

Some new members might also join the next season of the series. Kento Kaku will be back as Haru Tawara and Yosuke Eguchi (Soichi Tawara). Along with Riho Yoshioka (Karen Ito), star Nobuko Miyamoto will be playing Taki Tawara, actor Takayuki Yamada will be playing Yosuke Tsujioka, actor Makita Aju will be playing Nagi Tawara, Tae Kimura as Yoko Tawara and Kengo Kora as Gaku Tawara.

House of Ninjas Season 2 trailer and announcement

Watch live teaser describing upcoming part of drama action filmed by Netflix.

What is House of Ninjas about?

Ninjas were a fixture of milestones in Japanese history, and even now they're taking on secret missions behind the curtain of Japanese society. Set in modern Japan, House of Ninjas tells the story of the Tawara family, the last ninja family that had abandoned its roots after a certain incident in the past, who must take on the greatest crisis in Japanese history that threatens to shake the nation to its core.

House of Ninjas Season 2 premiere date and episodes list

The continuing of TV Show will consist of 8 episodes. They will be available online on Netflix just after release. First episode will start on February 13, 2025. More detailed episodes list presented below.

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
2X01February 13th, 2025Episode 1
2X02February 13th, 2025Episode 2
2X03February 13th, 2025Episode 3
2X04February 13th, 2025Episode 4
2X05February 13th, 2025Episode 5
2X06February 13th, 2025Episode 6
2X07February 13th, 2025Episode 7
2X08February 13th, 2025Episode 8