House of Cards (US) Season 7: What We Know So Far

House of Cards (US) Season 7: What We Know So Far

Last updated on Tue, 11 Jun 2024

The 7th season of Series House of Cards (US) is approaching, with fans eager to see Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood back in action. It would air on 24/10/2025 almost same time as 6th. All information about next season created by Beau Willimon in this article.

Countdown to season 7:

House of Cards (US) television series is a thriller created by Beau Willimon. The television series released worldwide on Netflix media services provider in Friday, February 1, 2013. There are thirteen episodes in pilot season. Claire Underwood starring Robin Wright in the TV series.

House of Cards (US) Season 7 premiere date and episodes list

The continuing of Series will consist of 8 episodes. They will be available online on Netflix just after release. Pilot episode will start in 24/10/2025. More detailed schedule presented in this table:

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
7X01October 24th, 2025Episode 1
7X02October 24th, 2025Episode 2
7X03October 24th, 2025Episode 3
7X04October 24th, 2025Episode 4
7X05October 24th, 2025Episode 5
7X06October 24th, 2025Episode 6
7X07October 24th, 2025Episode 7
7X08October 24th, 2025Episode 8

House of Cards (US) Season 7 Expected Cast

The main characters should back. Robin Wright will be back as Claire Underwood alongside Michael Kelly (Doug Stamper). Together with Wendy Moniz (Laura Moretti), Kristen Connolly as Christina Gallagher, Clark Carmichael (Dean Masters), star Angela Christian will be playing Leanne Masters, actor Clarke Thorell will be playing Brad Petite, Wass Stevens as Paul Capra, Joel Kinnaman (Will Conway) and Chris Agos (Special Agent Rick Bowman).

House of Cards (US) Season 7th trailer: When can I watch it?

Watch online teaser about upcoming season of thriller drama created by Netflix. Official video will be released one month before the release date.

The Plot

Based on the BBC miniseries of the same name, House of Cards follows Francis Underwood, the politician's politician – masterful, beguiling, charismatic and ruthless. He and his equally ambitious wife Claire will stop at nothing to ensure their ascendancy. This wicked political drama slithers beneath the curtain and through the back halls of greed, sex, love and corruption in modern Washington D.C.