Home for Christmas Season 3: Release date, Rumors, Trailer and Episodes Number

Home for Christmas Season 3: Release date, Rumors, Trailer and Episodes Number

Last updated on Sat, 4 Sep 2021

Home for Christmas TV Show season 3 information revealed. It would air at December 16th, 2022 near similar time as 2nd. All information about next season created by Per-Olav Sørensen below.

Countdown to season 3:

Home for Christmas series is a comedy Per-Olav Sørensen. The TV Show released at the Netflix media streaming platform on Thursday, December 5, 2019. It has six episodes in premiere season. Ida Elise Broch starred in the television series as Johanne.


Johanne finds herself at 30 years old to be the only one among friends and family without a partner. The constant comments on her single life and society's expectations of the perfect family Christmas finally gets to her. Johanne starts a 24 day hunt for a partner to bring home for Christmas.

When will Home for Christmas Season 3 come out?

The continuing of TV Show will once again be made up of ten episodes, that will be released online on Netflix. Pilot episode will start in December 16th, 2022. Greater detail schedule presented below.

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
3X01December 16th, 2022Episode 1
3X02December 16th, 2022Episode 2
3X03December 16th, 2022Episode 3
3X04December 16th, 2022Episode 4
3X05December 16th, 2022Episode 5
3X06December 16th, 2022Episode 6
3X07December 16th, 2022Episode 7
3X08December 16th, 2022Episode 8
3X09December 16th, 2022Episode 9
3X10December 16th, 2022Episode 10

Who’s going to be in the cast for Home for Christmas season 3?

The essential cast most likely back, might as well as few new faces. Ida Elise Broch will return as Johanne.

Home for Christmas Season 3 trailer

Now, this teaser is very relevant to upcoming season of TV Show. Official teaser will come out near the release date.