Hi-5 House Season 4: Premiere Date, Rumors, Plot and Trailer

Hi-5 House Season 4: Premiere Date, Rumors, Plot and Trailer

Last updated on Sat, 13 May 2023

The fourth season of Hi-5 House is coming, with fans sought to see Mary Lascaris’s Mary back in action. It would air on Friday, March 15, 2024 near the same time. Here's what we know so far about new part, including trailer, spoilers, schedule, episodes number and cast.

Countdown to season 4:

Hi-5 House TV Show is a children created by Netflix Originals. The television series released on Netflix media services provider in Monday, November 4, 2013. It has 25 episodes in pilot season. Mary starring Mary Lascaris in the TV show.

Hi-5 House Season 4th Expected Cast

The essential characters probably back. Mary Lascaris will return as Mary with Dayen Zheng as Dayen. In addition, Ainsley Melham (Ainsley), actor Steven Nicholson as Stevie, Lauren Brant as Lauren and Tanika Anderson (Tanika).

The Plot

Hi-5 House was an Australian children's television program, a spin-off of the original Hi-5 series, which originally debuted in 1999. The series stars the internationally popular children's musical group Hi-5 and holds strong educational values while entertaining through music. Hi-5 House was filmed in Singapore (Series 1) and Malaysia (Series 2-3), the original series having only ever been filmed in Australia. The series debuted on Nick Jr. Australia on 4 November 2013 before making international premieres. The Nine Network renewed its partnership in with the Hi-5 franchise in October 2016 and announced its plans to revive the original Hi-5 with a new cast in 2017.

Hi-5 House Season 4th release date

New season will once again be made up of 25 episodes, that will be released online on Netflix. Premiere episode starting in Friday, March 15, 2024. Greater detail episodes list provided in this table.

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
4X01March 15th, 2024Episode 1
4X02March 15th, 2024Episode 2
4X03March 15th, 2024Episode 3
4X04March 15th, 2024Episode 4
4X05March 15th, 2024Episode 5
4X06March 15th, 2024Episode 6
4X07March 15th, 2024Episode 7
4X08March 15th, 2024Episode 8
4X09March 15th, 2024Episode 9
4X10March 15th, 2024Episode 10
4X11March 15th, 2024Episode 11
4X12March 15th, 2024Episode 12
4X13March 15th, 2024Episode 13
4X14March 15th, 2024Episode 14
4X15March 15th, 2024Episode 15
4X16March 15th, 2024Episode 16
4X17March 15th, 2024Episode 17
4X18March 15th, 2024Episode 18
4X19March 15th, 2024Episode 19
4X20March 15th, 2024Episode 20
4X21March 15th, 2024Episode 21
4X22March 15th, 2024Episode 22
4X23March 15th, 2024Episode 23
4X24March 15th, 2024Episode 24
4X25March 15th, 2024Episode 25

Is the trailer of Hi-5 House Season 4 released?

Watch online video which describes how will look next part of TV Show filmed by Netflix. Official video trailer will be released one month before the release date.