From Scratch (2022) Season 2: What We Know So Far

From Scratch (2022) Season 2: What We Know So Far

Last updated on Thu, 28 Mar 2024

From Scratch (2022) TV Show season 2nd was always inevitable. We should see it at October 18th, 2024 almost same time. Here’s what we know so far.

Countdown to season 2:

From Scratch (2022) TV Show is a romance created by Tembi Locke. First time series was released on Netflix media streaming platform on 2022-10-21. It has eight episodes in first season. Zoe Saldana starred in the TV show as Amahle "Amy" Wheeler.

From Scratch (2022) Season 2 Expected Cast

We expect similar cast to return in the 2 season may as well. Zoe Saldana will return as Amahle "Amy" Wheeler and Eugenio Mastrandrea (Lino Ortolano). In addition, Roberta Rigano (Biagia Orgolano), Kellita Smith as Lynn Wheeler, actor Keith David as Hershel Wheeler, actor Paride Benassai will be playing Giacomo Ortolano, Danielle Deadwyler as Zora Wheeler, Judith Scott as Maxine Wheeler and Lucia Sardo as Filomena Ortolano.

From Scratch (2022) Season 2nd trailer and announcement

Watch live teaser about next part of series created by Netflix. Official video trailer will come out one month before the release date.

What is From Scratch (2022) about?

From Scratch is an autobiographical romance that follows an American woman as she falls in love with a Sicilian man while studying abroad in Italy then builds a life with him in the United States. When she unexpectedly loses him to illness, she is challenged to pull herself through grief so she can raise their daughter as they would have raised her together: with hope, joy and infinite love.

From Scratch (2022) Season 2nd release date: when will the new episodes arrive?

Next season will once again be made up of 8 episodes. They will be available online on Netflix just after release. First episode starting on October 18th, 2024. Greater detail episodes list provided in this table.

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
2X01October 18th, 2024Episode 1
2X02October 18th, 2024Episode 2
2X03October 18th, 2024Episode 3
2X04October 18th, 2024Episode 4
2X05October 18th, 2024Episode 5
2X06October 18th, 2024Episode 6
2X07October 18th, 2024Episode 7
2X08October 18th, 2024Episode 8